About Us

  Xian love Tony confinement service center has been engaged in years of confinement services has a wealth of experience in the industry. In the customers a serious and responsible attitude, ethics of confinement, nursing experience, and overall image quality and strict with layer selected, trained a number of highly qualified, skilled and experienced, responsible, caring, sincere fine confinement.
this Center months sister-in-law, and nursery Division are holding three card (ID, and health card, and months sister-in-law card/nursery Division card) induction, provides employees (months sister-in-law, and nursery Division) Exchange platform, from improve overall employees of quality to, prompted service to systematic, and Xian love Bell months sister-in-law, and Xian months sister-in-law, and Xian months sister-in-law company, and Xian months sister-in-law price, and Xian please months sister-in-law how many money, and Xian months sister-in-law network, and Xian months sister-in-law intermediary, and Xian which home months sister-in-law company good, and Xian best of months sister-in-law company standardized direction development, Long-term follow-up service for its customers and guide, the protection of the level of professional maternal and child services, has won a good reputation.
love Tony confinement service center engaged in confinement in XI ' an, on maternal and neonatal nursing experience, good breastfeeding Guide, has been in the National Association, the city, the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, the high ratings from their Union. 2009 began working with maternal and child health hospital in Shaanxi Province, providing confinement for VIP services, received high evaluation from hospital leaders and maternal. For several years by the National Association, the city of XI ' an city, Home Economics Association and the Labor Bureau as advanced and credit service unit.
first, second month of XI he obtained practical skills competitions first, score second and third good grades. Baby sitter in the third city-wide skills competition won the first, months of putting practice first, score second success. The fourth baby sitter of the first, third, achievements such as confinement dier、San、Wu、Qi、JIU, confinement and baby sitter had won the "best style award". General Manager, Ms Xu Defu, XI ' an city, maternal and child care professional members of the group, Xian municipal Home Economics Association.
was named outstanding administrators for five years, every year to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities to visit, learn from the advanced management mode and promote maternal and child care industry standard and State of the art. Service commitments: a trust for me, you are very satisfied. Service tenet: professional nursing knowledge, sowing seeds of true love. Service objectives: first-class month service, first-class service brand tree.