Tips for wine knowledge

  now everyone knows that drinking red wine is good for heart health, precisely because the French love of wine, kept a lower incidence of heart disease. Best selling red wine has been going for many years, at the dinner table, the two picked up the glass and crisp touch and a gulp of the scene, people have grown accustomed.
However, the number of wine drinking is the best? too much drink less if the same effect? the problem, I am afraid that not everyone can answer. Or let us look at the research evidence.
red wine polyphenols are the main health constituents, such as resveratrol and tannic acid, and so on. France published scientist in the United States journal of experimental biology, FASEB, a new study shows, eat the quantity of a substance is different, the effect may be exactly the opposite.
researchers put big rat of left leg unit artery for ligation, while to big rat feeding from wine in the extraction out of phenol class material, 2 week Hou found, feeding equivalent to 7 Goblet wine volume more phenol class material of big rat, its artery, and small artery and capillaries blood flow than right leg are has reduced, small vascular density reduced, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) generated also reduced has. Because of the growth of cancer cells need a lot of new blood vessels, so the effect is beneficial to cancer.
However, feeding equivalent cups of red wine polyphenols (on the part of 1/10) in rats, but exactly the opposite has happened. Compared with the other leg, ligation of small leg blood flow and vascular density have increased vascular endothelial growth factor production has also increased. To rapidly build new small blood vessels after blockages to dredge the blood supply, which is helpful for preventing hardening of the arteries caused by heart disease, but cancer is a considerable convenience.
for people who already have hardening of the arteries and blood vessels narrow, if you drink too much red wine, is not conducive to blood function, two alcohol itself have increased the role of lipids and arteriosclerosis, can also promote some cancers occurred.
so, how can I get the anti-cancer benefits of polyphenols? only by eating more vegetables and fruits, a variety of tea drinking. Not only are they not contain alcohol, but also contains many health factors except the Polyphenolic substances, such as carotenoids, vitamin c, dietary fiber, and so on. These factors are not only more effective in preventing heart disease and cancer, polyphenols and avoids a lot of possible side effects.