How to cure depression

  1, must take a shower every day, pay attention to the cleanliness of dress and grooming, beautiful. Even though no one pay attention to your appearance, they still had to self-love, self-respect, of keeping mental health, personal grooming and hygiene.
2, set in the day time bed clothes, the home clean and tidy, everything is in Apple-Pie order. I stress once again, this is not for the others, still made for themselves.
3, to exercise every day. Walking, running, aerobics, gym, secrets are the most effective antidepressant. When secreted by the brain's biochemical transmitter like antidepressants in General, can alleviate depression. Sports not only fitness, increase immunity, but also your mental strength.
4, eating in moderation, daily life, exercise, sleep timer.
5, increase the time to outdoor sports. The garden, the garden is one of the best. In addition, the weekday go out to try to walk, take the time to look around the character scenes; close your eyes, open mind, listening to the song of life in the world.
6, take the time, I thought, in a different way to exercise one's own consciousness. Take the time to feel such as bathing temperature (some with different temperature water bath); walking barefoot on the grass in the morning, let your feet dipped in the morning dew, nature, allow yourself to listen to the wind, fine smelling the flowers, feel the air humidity, let your skin naturally, and so on. In short, can play to their creativity and heart to experience some new experiences, and make your life more fulfilling.
7, professional treatment. Medications can help you restore biochemical balance in the brain; counseling can help you develop emotional intelligence and learn a lot of analysis and problem-solving skills, both of which can effectively improve your state of mind, enhance the lively vitality.