Enjoy breakfast at the same time how to lose weight

  five is best for weight loss health healthy breakfast
1: Greece yogurt
Greece yogurt is a low calorie food, the food does not contain any fat, and add the almonds, berries and other foods rich in high-fiber pulp, therefore is also very delicious.
2: ice
vegetable and fruit smoothie is a very popular and delicious cold drink, and the procedure is simple, you can also pour the smoothie in the morning into the Cup to drink company, especially in summer.
green tea and eggs used to drinking coffee in the morning, and may wish to replace by green tea, green tea can accelerate metabolism, helps weight loss compared with cheese and bread, eggs contain the same nutrients, and lower calorie, equally beneficial to weight loss.
4: cereal grain processed foods processed foods
refers to corn, rice, barley, and wheat and other grains mixed into a slice of food, and milk consumption, since there are more varieties, so try to choose when buying low-fat, high-fibre products.
5: oatmeal
Oatmeal is on this list for breakfast in the most abundant food and fiber, oats can help improve the body's ability to digest, to use to feel the changes of body weight in a week, in addition to weight loss, but oatmeal also helps skin glow and luster to hair, can be said to be the preferred food for breakfast.