Month to share with you six mistakes we often eat breakfast mix

  mismatches: operator +
milk fritters are our old traditional breakfast, many Office workers love. However, Cheer breakfast soybean milk is a great error, though they can complement a morning energy, but has left a large body of potential harm. Fried fritters are fried and high fat foods, in the process, high temperature have made it lose its nutritional value, also lead to cancer-causing substances. High fat oil in fritters served with soya milk, keeps your body's fat intake than standard oil residues in the body can easily lead to obesity. Error
mix II: rice gruel +
of cake like one would like to choose in the morning light, light, food, light porridge and add a vegetable is what they love the most. However, congee added side dishes are only suitable for older, because older people are not suitable for eating too much fat, is inappropriate for other age breakfast dishes. Porridge and add dishes, are not enough protein and nutrition, undernourished, and drink only porridge and low blood sugar makes it easier to get the munchies and not enough energy in a morning's work. Error
three: milk +
milk and eggs are modern people like a Western-style breakfast, think of milk and eggs have adequate nutrition and protein to supplement the human body needs, but it is not comprehensive. People need not only nutrition and protein for breakfast, need plenty of carbohydrates, plenty of carbohydrates in order to give the body a sufficient energy in the morning. Milk and eggs are not enough carbohydrates can provide, so we select the high protein and nutritious breakfast, but also add some foods high in carbohydrates. Food + beverage
mismatches due to time reasons or by the choice, some people will choose to prepare some snacks and beverages for breakfast, this is the least scientific of breakfast dishes. Breakfast drink carbonated beverages can lead to excessive excretion of calcium in the body, long-term drinking can cause a calcium deficiency, drink nor supplement the human body needs water, cause water shortages. Most snack foods are food for consumption is not conducive to digestion of the stomach in the morning and snacks can provide energy for the time being, it is easy to cause hunger, even easily lead to nutritional deficiencies.
error matches Friday: acid milk + fruit
in order to lose weight, many women will choose to breakfast without too much fat, or even a simple glass of milk and a piece of fruit. But not only milk and fruit did not play a good role in weight loss, or even because of improper selection of fruit, causing bloating, abdominal pain. Acidic fruits combined with acidity of vitamin c in fruit milk solidified into blocks, seriously affects the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and therefore causing abdominal discomfort.
error match six: meat + tea
traditional knowledge that a lot of people know xiaozhi tea refreshing effect, so when someone choose nutritious meat for breakfast, with a cup of strong tea clears meat fat. In fact, tea and high fat foods will not play a role in fat, it can cause constipation. The tannic acid in tea combined with proteins, generated a convergence of tannic acid, protein, will affect the intestinal peristalsis, and interfere with digestion and constipation.