Nanny suggested middle-aged men how to dress

  's middle-aged dress also should have some changes, but what some people still don't understand. XI an nanny, so we talk about middle-aged men dress tips, solve the distress of men:
① dressed middle-aged man, essences, clothes clean, fully man shows a middle-aged man's inner beauty, wearing casual clothes, is to pay attention to clean better, showing a middle-aged man inside.
II suit best matching wear, if combined with other clothing worn, be sure to match appropriately.
③ clothing colors without taboos red and other bright colors, such as wearing a red tie as embellishment, is also beautiful.
Select the appropriate clothing according to occupation and personality, just look young, spirit on the line.
II pudgy middle-aged man to use the selected horizontal stripe dress, you can select vertical bar, thin people may choose horizontal stripe dress, a Grasshopper can is burly, more spirit.
f in front of the mirror before going out to check the overall effect. If appropriate, make further adjustments, shoes must be clean, go out, can in a day full of confidence.