Month tells you the main harm of secondhand smoke

  according to research, cigarettes burning Hou of smoke in the contains more than 4,000 more species harmful material, on medical views view can is divided into four class:
a, and carbon monoxide, in cigarettes smoke in the of concentration about four out of 10,000, and red blood of combined force for oxygen and red blood cells combined force of about 210 times times, so carbon monoxide was inhalation human Hou, red blood conveying oxygen of capacity will reduced, and makes body hypoxia.
II, nicotine, it enters the human body will produce the following effects: limb peripheral vasoconstriction, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, faster breathing, mental status changes (becomes emotional stability or mental stimulation), and promoting platelet aggregation, it is caused by blockages of the heart, high blood pressure, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases the main accomplice.
III, the offending substance, these substances will not only to the eyes, nose and throat irritation, also stimulates the secretion of bronchial submucosal glands, leading to acute bronchial inflammation and chronic bronchitis.
four, carcinogenic substances, with the exception of recognized carcinogens other than nicotine, smoke contains more radioactive elements such as plutonium, they smoke, volatile, and as the smoke is absorbed by the human body, in vivo savings, constantly releasing alpha rays, which damage the body's cells, the immune system from being damaged, creating an environment for growth of cancer cells.